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Stille Post


This is a Notation of the gorgeous piece of Michele Musser ‎– 100% Bridal Illusion.

It was part of a school project called Stille Post which is based upon a popular children’s game (Chinese Whispers in English). You got an unknown piece of music where you had to create a new kind of notation for. Then the next person got this notation without ever having heard the original music and created a new musical piece for the notation. And then a third person got the new composition and created a cover for it.

Stille Post Notation.jpg

In my notation I was inspired by the structure and form of my mouth. The fine lines in my lips already had a certain rhythm in them and the mouth is such an expressive tool to capture. Together with the feeling that this piece gave me it seemed to be the right material to use as a basis. The notation is completely translatable so you are able to follow the entire piece while reading the notation. The notation is read from top to bottom, following the four columns.

Materials used: Mouth, camera, pen, paper

It was displayed together with the works of my fellow students in the SITTart gallery in Düsseldorf, Germany.

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