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The World is Good


In this performance I wanted to bring the crazy contrast between the improvement the world has gone though in the last decades and the negative picture that is implemented through the media to awareness. I did this by reading the titles of all articles from The Guardian world news for one week.  I wrote out all the words with a negative conation and let a computer voice read them out loud while the viewer sees the articles pass by rapidly. I also wrote out about thirty impressive facts of how the world has improved in the last decades (see picture). Then I combined the video and the facts with a live performance.


Performance approx. 10 minutes


The room is dark, the only light source come from the screen. The audience stands in a circle in the middle of the room. Around them the whole floor is covered with newspaper. When everybody has entered the room the door is closed and the video is started. The performer is undressed and completely covered with glue. While the video is playing the performer starts walking around the audience, first calmly and then slowly increasing the speed in accordance with the intensity of the video until the performer is running uncontrolled around the audience. As the voice from the video has ended the performer stops and says the words: The world is good.
The audience is let out and everyone is handed a card with a fact on it that shows how the world has improved.

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